Boyd Trial Consulting
“It’s very easy to work with Jeff. He is super organized and he works with a great team. Jeff forces you to whittle down your case to the main points to prep for a focus group. To see the guts of your case 6-8 months before trial gives you a huge advantage. ...” - Joel Cunningham, Luvera Law Firm
“Jeff is a consummate professional; extremely well prepared and hard-working. He takes his job seriously and strives to do everything possible to get you necessary information to help win your case. ...” - Jack Connelly, Connelly Law Offices
“I’ve worked with Jeff on a number of cases, and each time I’ve been impressed with his ability to quickly get to the heart of the matter. A trial lawyer himself, he’s aware of how juror bias takes shape, and from his experience, he gets where we’re coming from. ...” - Keith Kessler, Stritmatter Kessler Whelan
“Jeff is exceptional at what he does. He is intuitive, extremely professional and thorough. Jeff’s experience and background as a trial attorney make him uniquely qualified. ...” - Brad Moore, Stritmatter Kessler Whelan
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“Jeff Boyd did an excellent job facilitating our virtual focus groups. After living a case as a lawyer and advocate for an extended period of time you can’t help but perceive the issues and risks differently than focus group participants—and jurors—will see them. Jeff is excellent at reminding us of that, probing the participants for what those differences are, and helping us develop specific improvements to our arguments to address them. Jeff was very effective in working with the focus group participants, even in the more challenging virtual setting. He pursues people for honest and detailed answers and adjusts his approach on the fly rather than being tied to a script. I am an advocate for using focus groups and Jeff Boyd in particular.”

Frank Cordell  | Gordon Tilden Thomas & Cordell LLP  |  Seattle, WA

“I was excited to hire Jeff Boyd to facilitate a focus group for one of my cases and was very impressed with the work he did. Jeff is a smart, articulate attorney but more importantly he is empathetic to the needs of the people in the focus group and the needs of the attorneys he works with. An important distinction is how Jeff dealt with people of different personalities and viewpoints in the focus group; making sure that each of their opinions were respected but also challenging them to clarify what their beliefs were based upon. Jeff’s organized process provided a comprehensive analysis. The feedback and results we received were very helpful not only in analyzing our case but also in understanding the value of our case.”

Bruce Braley  |  Leventhal Puga Braley P.C.  |  Denver, CO

“In the 52 years that I have been practicing law I’ve done a lot of conflict litigation and used a number of focus group professionals. I can honestly say that Jeff Boyd is the best I’ve ever worked with. The feedback he is able to extract from the participants and the analysis he provides after the sessions are done is extremely valuable. In addition, his video streaming technology is unbelievable. Whether you are sitting in the focus group room or across the country, you have the ability to watch the discussions live. Nobody can compete with Jeff Boyd – he’s that good.”

James R. Gilreath  |  The Gilreath Law Firm, P.A.  |  Greenville, SC

“Working with Jeff Boyd was an extremely easy and rewarding process. From the beginning, Jeff and his team made the focus group work easy and logical. I learned several valuable things during the process including the benefit of doing a focus group sooner rather than later, before I do my discovery.  It also became evident that the roadmap of how I get from point A to point B with jurors is more clearly defined the earlier a focus group is done in the trial prep process. Working with Jeff was a worthy investment and an exceptional experience. I can’t say enough good things about Jeff Boyd and his trial consulting services and would absolutely use his services again.”

Natasha Hanna | Law Office of Natasha M. Hanna, PC |  Myrtle Beach, SC

“Jeff Boyd is an experienced and extremely qualified trial lawyer. Combining his in-court experience and qualifications with his consulting and analytical skills provides a unique opportunity for trial lawyers to begin effective case framing. Once the factual information was provided to Jeff and his team, the process was easy. I took no active role in the sessions. His approach allowed me to simply observe, focus, take notes, and analyze.  In addition to his honesty and candor, Jeff is hard-working, insightful and thorough. Those characteristics can facilitate constructive disagreement with rationale which can provide insight into addressing the positions of opposing counsel. I encourage and fully endorse Jeff and his team and believe his services are an important tool for quality trial preparation.”

Roger Felice | WSAJ Trial Lawyer of the Year 2003 | Felice Law Office, P.S.  | Spokane, WA

“The thing I enjoy most about working with Jeff is his insightfulness and thoughtfulness about particular issues. He provides a much needed second pair of eyes to look critically at a case. The depth of Jeff’s experience comes through most in his approach to focus groups. In my opinion, it’s unwise for any lawyer to take a significant case to trial without doing a focus group at least once. I’ve worked with Jeff at least a half dozen times and believe every lawyer should give him a shot. You don’t know what you’re missing until you go through the process with him. He can take a good case and make it stronger, and he can take a difficult case and make it winnable. Working with Jeff has proved invaluable.”

Nathan P. Roberts  |  Connelly Law Office  |  Tacoma, WA

“Jeff Boyd’s focus groups helped our trial team develop persuasive themes and stories for presenting our case to a jury. Jeff is very adept at understanding and responding to the wide range of views and backgrounds brought by the members of a focus group or jury pool. He really listens and was an excellent coach and advocate for continually getting us to hone and simplify our case.  We thought we had a simple case when we hired Jeff, but he helped us see its complexities and to figure out how best to communicate and explain them.  His energy and dedication to his work is impressive and his passion for it definitely comes through.”

Stuart R. Dunwoody  |  Davis Wright Tremaine LLP  |  Seattle, WA

“If I have a high-stakes case going to trial, I wouldn’t go to trial without working with Jeff Boyd first. The focus group process Jeff uses is invaluable to understanding the nuances in your case. The hard part as a trial lawyer is, we know way too much about our own cases making them hard to simplify. Jeff is incredibly smart so he can figure out what the issues are and condense the facts and issues down to something digestible that a jury can swallow. Jeff is thoughtful, knowledgeable and patient. Working with Jeff definitely made a difference in my case.”

Fred Burnside  |  Davis Wright Tremaine LLP  |  Bellevue, WA

“Since juries are unpredictable and at times unsympathetic, case selection may be the most important part of a litigation practice. In working with Jeff on several cases, I finally learned the importance of doing focus groups early on in the case preparation process. Early focus groups allow attorneys to tailor discovery, trial exhibits, and witness preparation to address issues raised by prospective jurors. Jeff is professional and honest about what he thinks of your case. During focus groups, Jeff is able to take charge in difficult situations and is masterful at guiding jurors through the process and helping them focus on the case. Jeff is skilled at getting to the bottom of an issue and extracting the information you need for your case. I trust him!”

Sidney Stillerman Royer |  Leemon + Royer PLLC  |  Seattle, WA

“After working with Jeff Boyd, it is hard to imagine ever again preparing for a large case without doing a focus group. Jeff’s well-organized focus groups allow me to gain perspective on cases and recognize weaknesses and strengths that I may have not realized without his strategic guidance. Jeff has a way of getting group participants to speak their true minds. As a litigator, I want honest feedback to help formulate my cases, and his ability to elicit what individuals truly think is remarkable. His guidance allows me to better prepare for trial and make better decisions about my cases.”

Ed Budge  |  Budge and Heipt, PLLC  |  Seattle, WA

“Jeff Boyd is a tremendous asset to my firm’s litigation practice. He helps us prepare jury selection, craft opening statements, and develop trial themes. He has a unique way of challenging attorneys to step back from the details of a case and see the big picture. His professionally run focus groups show us what matters most to our potential jury pool, which gives us the confidence we need to go to trial. This, in turn, leads to bigger pretrial settlements and better trial results. Jeff is an expert in his field. Attorneys don’t think twice about hiring expensive expert witnesses, and they shouldn’t think twice about hiring Jeff Boyd. I cannot recommend Jeff highly enough—he’s worth every penny.”

Erik J. Heipt  |  Budge & Heipt, PLLC  |  Seattle, WA

“Among the things that I like most about Jeff Boyd’s trial consulting approach is that he succeeds in getting your case tested with non-lawyer eyes and perspectives. He is vigilant about avoiding the pitfalls of viewing a case only from the perspective of a lawyer. Jeff has a unique ability to take his lawyer hat off and test the case and the issues it presents with everyday people. With Jeff’s considerable help, I’ve been able to advise my clients on what makes their cases strong and compelling — and what minefields exist.  In any case of significant magnitude or complexity, the expense of consulting with Jeff is quite minor when compared to the significant value of his help in assessing your range of outcomes and your opportunities to maximize a recovery.”

Thomas H. Howlett  |  The Googasian Firm, P.C.  |  Bloomfield Hills, MI

“I have done multiple focus groups with Jeff, and I choose to do them not solely to determine the overall view of my liability case, but to assist in preparing and directing the focus of a case. I’m looking for how a jury might view a particular issue or situation. Sometimes I start even before discovery, so I can know what development of facts is likely to make the overall presentation stronger. Jeff is excellent at structuring a focus group to elicit the particular information you might be looking for. He is extremely skilled in providing group members not only the right volume of information but also the right information to tease out the issues you want illuminated. Jeff’s work reflects his skill as a trial lawyer; he is detailed, professional, and extremely organized. That’s why I hire Jeff – because I trust him to help me be better.”

Mark Leemon  |  WSAJ Trial Lawyer of the Year 2009  |  Leemon + Royer PLLC  |  Seattle, WA

“We hired Jeff to help us with a case that had a lot of complicating factors and legal issues. We needed to be able to predict how folks on a jury might react so that we could effectively plan our presentation. In the past we conducted focus groups ourselves, but after working with Jeff we learned doing so isn’t always the best option. There’s a certain amount of bias that can arise when you bring people to your own office. They often glean which side you represent and because of this their answers may not be representative of what they would be in an actual courthouse setting. By handing over the focus group to Jeff, we were able to sit back and watch, which was very enlightening for us. His ability to get people to speak from the heart without any bias is impressive. He makes it clear that he’s not on any side, which is hard to emulate. We got a lot of feedback about what the mock jurors felt was interesting, confusing, and concerning, and it helped us figure out how to approach the strengths and weaknesses of our case. Jeff’s skills are unique – there really aren’t a lot of trial consultants with as extensive experience as a trial lawyer as he has. This is what sets Jeff apart. It was an excellent experience and we will definitely hire him again.” 

Bill Thayer & Scott Edwards  |  Schauermann Thayer Jacobs & Stapes

Vancouver, WA


“I had previously worked with Jeff Boyd at an AAJ Case Plus workshop. So, when I was brought in on very short notice to try a case, I immediately reached out to Jeff to help me conduct some focus groups. I have a great appreciation for the way he works with the focus group participants as well as his general trial strategy, insight, and advice. Jeff works very hard to establish credibility with the jurors. He is polite, yet he keeps them on track. He maintains his neutrality (which is important), and is always looking to solicit more, potentially helpful information to help me prepare for the case.”

Stephen J. Herman, Esq. | Herman Herman & Katz LLC | New Orleans, Louisiana

Joel Cunningham“It’s very easy to work with Jeff. He is super organized and he works with a great team. Jeff forces you to whittle down your case to the main points to prep for a focus group. To see the guts of your case 6-8 months before trial gives you a huge advantage. During focus groups, I like the way Jeff is a little demanding with jurors. He asks questions and pushes back, bringing unknowns to the surface. He finds out exactly what resonates with the jurors. Jeff makes sure that both sides are heard, which is a hard thing to do. Within a few days, you get a full report with quotes and videos, relieving you from a lot of work. When it comes down to it, I know I can trust Jeff’s results. He gets it.”

Joel Cunningham  |  Luvera Law Firm  |  Seattle, WA

Jack Connelly“Jeff is a consummate professional; extremely well prepared and hard-working. He takes his job seriously and strives to do everything possible to get you necessary information to help win your case.  Jeff takes the time to truly learn the intricate details so that he can accurately present all critical information to a focus group. In describing the case, he introduces the facts in a slow and meaningful manner, getting the jury to pay attention to important nuances so that you can see how those jurors react to different aspects of the case. In observing this process, you are able to witness juror reactions first hand, providing important insights that allow you to carefully hone your presentation at trial.”

Jack Connelly  |  Connelly Law Offices  |  Tacoma, WA

Keith Kessler“I’ve worked with Jeff on a number of cases, and each time I’ve been impressed with his ability to quickly get to the heart of the matter. A trial lawyer himself, he’s aware of how juror bias takes shape, and from his experience, he gets where we’re coming from. Jeff understands G.I.G.O. (garbage in, garbage out); if you don’t press focus group participants to go deeper, you’re going to get surface answers that don’t provide insight into how to craft your case. With Jeff, responses are thoughtful and candid. He takes charge, keeps people on course, and makes every minute count. I look forward to working with Jeff on future cases.”

Keith Kessler  |  Stritmatter Kessler Whelan  |  Hoquiam, WA

Brad Moore“Jeff is exceptional at what he does. He is intuitive, extremely professional and thorough. Jeff’s experience and background as a trial attorney make him uniquely qualified. It’s clear that he puts a lot of energy and effort into doing the best he can to mine useful information from the process. Jeff makes it easy for us plaintiff attorneys to trust the results.”

Brad Moore  |  Stritmatter Kessler Whelan  |  Seattle, WA

Mike Wampold“The methodology that Jeff uses for his focus groups is solid, and as a result, you get useful information to try your case. You really understand at the end of the process, which themes and arguments will resonate with the jury, and which won’t. There’s really no way you can finish a focus group with Jeff and not have a pretty good sense of the strengths and weaknesses of your case. Working with Jeff is invaluable. On top of this, he’s pleasant and fun to work with.”

Mike Wampold | Peterson Wampold Rosato Luna Knopp | Seattle, WA

Anthony Shapiro“Jeff is a great resource. He’s responsive, creative, and easy to work with. As lawyers, we get so wrapped up in the nitty gritty and Jeff provides the perspective that we so often need. Jeff is willing to listen to your suggestions but at the same time will tell you if he thinks those suggestions won’t resonate with the jury. As a focus group facilitator, Jeff does a great job getting everyone to talk. His written materials are comprehensive without being overwhelming. He keeps things on task and in control, without being controlling. He will take a seemingly complex case, break it down into simple principles, analyze what themes are important to emphasize, and then make recommendations on how to structure the case. Because of the results we’ve seen, it’s now standard practice for us to hire Jeff on larger cases. I look forward to working with Jeff again soon.”

Anthony Shapiro  |  Hagens Berman Sobol Shapiro LLP  |  Seattle, WA

Mike Pfau“Jeff is a great resource for any attorney who would like an overview of his/her case, or has a particular issue they want jury feedback on. With so much experience as a lawyer himself, Jeff comes to the table with the right perspective and know-how. Jeff makes it easy. He’s intuitive, he’s a quick study, and he does a lot of the preliminary work himself. He puts together a good presentation in short order. We’ve hired Jeff to focus in on key elements we have questions or concerns about, and every time, we’ve received answers that allow us to make decisions about settlements and trial.”

Mike Pfau  |  Pfau Cochran Vertetis Amala PLLC  |  Seattle, WA

Mark Kosieradzki“Put simply, Jeff knows what he’s doing. He’s insightful, thorough and easy to work with. Going through the focus group process with Jeff, I realized that our preconceptions and assumptions about the case were very different than how the jury would see the case. I was stunned by the information he extracted from the jurors. With Jeff’s help, we re-designed our entire discovery plan and developed a strategic plan to eliminate the landmines that he had identified. Based on Jeff’s work I was able to re-evaluate how to successfully try the case. I look forward to the next one with Jeff.”

Mark Kosieradzki  |  Kosieradzki Smith Law Firm LLC  |  Plymouth, MN

Tom D’Amore“As a trial lawyer and consultant, Jeff’s seen and reviewed a multitude of cases, and he really knows what he’s doing. He understands people, he understands jurors, and he understands what it’s going to take to win your case. Jeff and Deborah create a very relaxed environment during focus groups, and they make it very easy for attorneys to participate in the process. You learn what issues are most important to focus on and you learn how to better prepare for your case. In some instances, you may even determine you should not be litigating the case at all – an important realization.”

Tom D’Amore  |  D’Amore Law Group  |  Lake Oswego, OR

Mark Kitrick“Jeff Boyd is outstanding and superb in his field. He is professional and personable. He is capable and knowledgeable. I can’t imagine an easier or better person to work with, or a person who has more experience. He’s done hundreds of focus groups, he’s got a background in psychology, and he’s been a trial lawyer on many complex cases. When I hire Jeff, he helps me win the case, every time. In focus groups, he draws people out, listens attentively, and analyzes quickly; gathering information that provides real value, necessary reality checks, and positive outcomes. My confidence in Jeff’s abilities is 100%. It’s simple; when Jeff is involved, we get better results.”

Mark Kitrick  |  Kitrick Lewis & Harris Co., L.P.A.  |  Columbus, OH

Julie Vacura“Jeff is a true expert. We hired him to help us evaluate a case in a circuit in which we had no experience with the judges or potential jurors. Jeff took charge of the challenge and got us the information we needed to effectively assess and try the case.  He was efficient, kept us on track, and helped us find our focus for the jury. Hiring Jeff was well worth the investment.”

Julie Vacura  |  Larkins Vacura LLP  |  Portland, OR

Dan Volkema“Jeff is a very thoughtful, even tempered, diligent, and organized individual. I have hired him on several occasions, and he’s done a great job. Working with Jeff forces us to sit down and plan ahead of time, making us more prepared in the long run. Sitting through Jeff’s focus groups made us feel more confident about how we were going to proceed. He’s got great people skills and knows how to give jurors just enough info to draw them out in order to bring the real questions to the surface, without interfering or trying to steer them in any particular direction. With such reasonable fees, hiring Jeff is well worth it.”

Dan Volkema  |  Volkema Thomas Miller & Scott, LPA  |  Columbus, OH

Wayne Parsons“Jeff is creative. He has great follow through and attention to detail. With a background in psychology and a trial lawyer himself, he has the unique ability to get the best information from jurors, finding out exactly what it is we need to know to direct our efforts. Having this insight into juror attitudes and biases helped us try the case effectively. Even when there is a very complicated set of issues, Jeff has a way of getting to the bottom of it. He works hard and he works efficiently. He’s an all-around great guy.”

Wayne Parsons  |  Wayne Parsons Law Offices  |  Honolulu, HI

“Working with Boyd Trial Consulting was an amazing experience. Jeff has a calm way about him. He’s a gentleman. Despite Jeff’s talent and expertise as a trial lawyer and consultant, he is incredibly humble and approachable. During our focus group, Jeff emphasized neutrality without ever saying the word. His demeanor and skill allowed to get an honest assessment from mock jurors. He got them to open up and share candidly. The notes and reports provided after the focus group were very helpful and informed how we proceeded with the case. I truly enjoyed working with Jeff. Considering all of the deliverables, the value is well beyond the cost. I really can’t give a higher endorsement.” 

J. D. Smith  |  Ward Smith, PLLC  |  Seattle, WA

“Jeff is a consummate professional. He establishes a tremendous rapport with folks who come in for mock juries. He puts them immediately at ease, which of course has the side effect of putting the lawyers immediately at ease. He consistently demonstrates a great understanding of the case materials, which helps ensure that the results from the focus groups are reliable and extremely helpful as we craft our trial narratives. Before hiring Jeff I had basically been doing focus groups and mock juries in house. After watching him work, and getting a chance to absorb the product he created for us after the focus group, I’ll be using him on every case from now on. The themes that Jeff was able to distill are the themes that you can be confident will resonate with juries in trial. The results have been so reliable that by including these themes in your voir dire and opening statements you can be assured that you will be answering questions your real jurors have.”

Darrell L. Cochran  |  Pfau Cochran Verteil Amala Attorneys PLLC  |  Seattle, WA