Boyd Trial Consulting
“It’s very easy to work with Jeff. He is super organized and he works with a great team. Jeff forces you to whittle down your case to the main points to prep for a focus group. To see the guts of your case 6-8 months before trial gives you a huge advantage. ...” - Joel Cunningham, Luvera Law Firm
“Jeff is a consummate professional; extremely well prepared and hard-working. He takes his job seriously and strives to do everything possible to get you necessary information to help win your case. ...” - Jack Connelly, Connelly Law Offices
“I’ve worked with Jeff on a number of cases, and each time I’ve been impressed with his ability to quickly get to the heart of the matter. A trial lawyer himself, he’s aware of how juror bias takes shape, and from his experience, he gets where we’re coming from. ...” - Keith Kessler, Stritmatter Kessler Whelan
“Jeff is exceptional at what he does. He is intuitive, extremely professional and thorough. Jeff’s experience and background as a trial attorney make him uniquely qualified. ...” - Brad Moore, Stritmatter Kessler Whelan
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Boyd Trial Consulting, PLLC

As the lawyer advocate on a case, it is difficult for you to know exactly what will be the deciding factor for a juror. Personal experience, beliefs, values, and even feelings, can inform a juror’s perspective. Juror decisions are often based on first impressions and gut level reactions. Even with the best presentation of facts, you only get one chance to make a first impression. Ultimately, what lawyers and judges think doesn’t matter. What matters is what real people think. Boyd Trial Consulting can help you bridge this gap.

As a neutral facilitator, Jeff Boyd builds rapport and trust as he presents evidence and arguments from your case to jurors during interactive focus groups. Adept at facilitating conversation, Jeff drills down to key components, skillfully exposing weak spots in opposing arguments and identifying exactly what you need to prove to win your case. Jeff not only brings a fresh set of eyes; he brings experience and expertise. Jeff has a background in psychology, an active legal practice as a plaintiff’s attorney, and has tried over 100 civil jury trials. Since the late 1990’s, he has successfully led hundreds of focus groups across the United States. Jeff’s unique combination of skills and experience can help you win your case.

With the new and valuable insight they gain, Boyd Trial Consulting’s clients are able to prepare and plan their cases to meet the needs of the jury. The focus groups help them learn which facts and arguments are most powerful and helpful for the jury. With this knowledge, plaintiff’s trial lawyers are able to walk into the courtroom with a renewed confidence that their case will resonate with the jury.

Real people will make wise and fair decisions if they are given the information they need to make those decisions. If you have the courage to expose your case to real people and are willing to listen to what they say, you will learn how to present your case at trial to meet the needs of the jury and provide the foundation for real results. Boyd Trial Consulting will show you the way to your next win.